Graduates are featured alphabetically in two groups - Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. I've done my best to break them in to separate groups within each field.

Due to the outdoor set up this year I shot the photos horizontally to cut out people walking and the PA system when possible. You will be able to crop the photo as you like when it's in your cart.

Please do that, otherwise the lab will do it and it may not be as you wanted it to look, especially for 4"x6" prints. It's really easy to do and I highly suggest it so you get the exact print you want! Please contact me if you have a problem with that.

If you ordered the digital download you get the complete file that you can download. Don't wait too long to download it as they only give a small window of time of seven (7) days.

The watermark will not appear on purchased photos or digital downloads.

If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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Centre Commencement                   2020